Best Trailer Tire

If you are into Towing business, you would know how important it is to invest your money into the right kind Trailer Tires. Unlike car tires, trailer tires are much more vulnerable to tire problems. Why? you ask, well, trailer tires usually carry a lot of weight and drive long distances. Think about changing a busted tire in the middle of work. It would suck, wouldn’t it?

If we gave a few minutes on researching a good Trailer Tire it will save you a lot of headaches later on. There are a number of factors that come into play while making a well-informed purchase. You should keep in mind your requirement, durability of the product, how much maintenance it would need and safety etc.


We have put together a guide for you to look at before you invest your money:

It can be a bit tricky to buy products such as Trailer Tires or wheel rims online.
Unlike car tires, Trailer tires usually don’t have the same level of suspension or the same level of steering capacity, they might have to work on bumpy roads with a heavy load. Trust me, whether you buy a product online or at a physical store, knowing the features before making a purchase is very essential.

Bellow are all the things you should consider while looking for a good Trailer Tires:

Does the tire go with your trailer?

Buying the right kind of type that fits your trailer is very important. You might look at good features, good rating but at the end, the most important thing is compatibility of the tire with your trailer.

Look at the lug pattern, the diameter of the tire etc. Most of the trailer tires go with standard trailers, however, if you are in doubt be sure to check with a local mechanic before you invest your money.


How Long Do Trailer tires last?

A good trailer tire should last you at least 3 years without any problem. The tire wears down by the oxidation, the UV rays in combination with air reacts with the material of the tire wearing it down. Even though the trailer is not on the direct sun the oxidation keeps happening at a slow rate. An old tire becomes more vulnerable to punctures.

Look at the warranty, a good warranty period usually shows the manufacturer’s trust in their product.

User’s reviews can be a bit tricky. Since not all products that go out are same, one out of thousand may be faulty but you will find that irritated customer writing a bad review on the website. Be sure to check how most of the customers have rated the product to determine the durability.

Does speed matter?

Trailers are usually not to be speeded down rough roads. In fact, it is downright dangerous to do so. The backside of a trailer is highly unstable, the driver has very little control over it.
Honestly, speed shouldn’t be a big factor while choosing a trailer tire.

How to take care of your trailer tire?

1. Fill up your tire to the right air pressure. Trailer tires can are difficult to check for current inflation. Since they are stiffer than your normal car tires, it is difficult to determine the pressure with just by looking or even checking it with your hand. Make sure you check the pressure gauge and fill the tires as recommended. An under-inflated tire is prone to bursting.
2. Look for tread wear. Trailers do a lot of work, take heavy loads. We often forget to check the tires before heading out for business. Make sure your tires are in good condition before you take out the trailer.
3. As already mentioned above, tires tread wear quickly under UV rays. Make sure to park your trailer in a shaded place and cover it properly. Water can corrode the rims, so keep it in a place where rain or snow doesn’t affect the metal surface.


Choosing the right tire according to the weight you would be putting on it, is very important. Overloading your trailer can lead to quick tread wear, overheating, splitting or bursting of the tire.

Difference Between Radial or Bias Ply Tire.

Radial Tire : The steel belts inside a Radial tire run parallel to each other from one bead to the other. They flex more under heavy load.

Bias-Ply Tire : The plies in Bias ply tires run at a 30-degree angle. The strips are like diamond shaped meshwork. Bias tired sidewalls are stiff and are meant to take the heavyweight. Bias tires are cheaper than Radial Tires.

Radial tire works well with powerful engines and is made for high-speed vehicles with rigid chassis like sports cars. They have a better grip on the road as the surface of the tire is more flexible. They are good to take sudden turns but bad for a bumpy road. Another good thing about the radial tire is that they are more resistant to wear than their bias counterpart.

Bias tire, on the other hand, works well with small to medium size engines and flexible chassis. They are good for heavily loaded vehicles.

Which one is right for you?

Trailer Tire should be steady, they shouldn’t sway with every little movement of your truck. The walls on trailer tires should be strong enough to hold heavy weight. They are usually far stronger than a truck or car tires. They are made in such a way that they don’t heat up too much, and take the least effort to tow, saving you fuel.

Whether you buy radial tires or bias tires make sure to read through the load limits, certifications and warranty details.

What is a speed rating?

A tire speed rating is an optimal speed a tire can maintain over time. In simple words, it’s the maximum speed a tire can obtain before it stops performing its best. The speed rating was a safety precaution developed so the manufactures can warn you about the maximum speed the tire can acquire.

  • You can find the speed rating on the tire’s rim or online while buying the tire.
  • For example, a number such as ‘207/60R19 85D’ will be written on the tire.
  • 207 is sectional width in mm
  • 60 is the aspect ratio
  • R is radial construction
  • 19 is rim diameters in inches
  • 85 is load index
  • D speed symbol

Speed Symbol – Speed symbol increases going from A to Z in km/h or mph

What is Load index?

The load index is the numerical value assigned for load carrying capabilities of a tire. In the above example, the load index was 85 which means it can carry approximately 1135 pounds of weight. A higher load index means the tire can carry higher loads.

Some trailers have dual tires in the back, don’t double the load assuming that the load will be distributed. If one of the tires fail the whole load will be on the second one and in that case, overloading can destroy both the tires.

Does sectional width affect the performance of the tire?

Yes, they do. Wider tire give more traction, however, as trailers have relatively less suspension a wider width tire can make your trailer less safe.

Does Nylon covering on the tread change affect the quality of the tire?

Good quality tire comes with Nylon or polyester covering on the tire surface. The covering helps the tire from wearing off. It protects the tire from UV rays and oxidation. Many tires have Nylon covering only on the sides of the tire but a good quality tire will have nylon covering on the whole surface.

Trailer Tire safety:

Travelling with heavy weight can be dangerous. Trailer accidents are the most common type of road accidents that happen on highways. The extended back of the trailer is often tricky to control by the driver. A little mistake can turn to the life-threatening situation when you have a heavy weight on your trailer and the driver is speeding down the highway.
1. Trailer Tire heat up pretty quickly, the more fiction it generates the more it is likely to generate heat. Fill the tire to the right PSI to avoid a fire hazard.
2. Carry a spare Tire for emergencies, check its pressure too before you head out.
3. Rotate the positions of your tires every few thousand miles to reduce tread wear. Rotating tire ensures even wear and extends the longevity of the tires too.
4. Keep the cap on the valve stem to ensure there is no contamination on its internal rubber valve.
5. Never overload yours above the recommended limit on the manual.
6. Grease the bearing, tightened the lug nut on a regular basis.
7. Distribute the weight on the trailer evenly. Uneven distribution of weight can lead to accidents.
8. Make sure all the lights, gears and breaks are properly working before you take your trailer out for business.

If you are still wondering which trailer tire to buy but don’t want to go looking through the thousands of catalogue online. Here is the list we have compiled of the best trailer tires online.

1.Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire


Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

If you are looking for a high-quality tire with reasonable price, this is the one for you. Runs smoothly on road even at somewhat high speed.  
Design – The tire is made of wear resistant compound which makes it a great buy if you want to invest in something for the long run. The tread contours and patterns on the tire put uniform pressure on the whole surface. It reduces the effect of irregular wear. The variable pitch pattern reduces noise. Radial construction makes the tire safe to tow heavyweight for a long distance.
Durability – The Radial construction is great for heat reduction. It works well on rough roads. The radial engineering makes its rolling resistance. It’s a longer lasting tire that works for years without much wear.
Functions – Can be used for towing boating, cargo, utility, horse and stock, RVs and toy haulers.


  • Wear-resistant compound
  • Radial ply tire
  • Tread depth- 9
  • Speed rating- 81 MPH
  • Capacity-2540 pounds
  • Maximum PSI- 65
  • Manufacturer- Carlisle
  • Customer rating- 4.4 stars out of 5 from 45 people.
  • Point to Note- Be sure to check the manufacturing date on the tire. Trailer tire older than a year shouldn’t be used. Trailer tire wears out not with the number of miles it ran but how old it is.

2. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

If you have been looking for a tire which can help you tow heavy weights with least wear than this is the one. Maxxis Radial Trailer Tires are ideal for holding heavy weights yet work at its best form.

Design – They have a radial construction giving it high speed, control and smoother rides. The good quality tread compound makes it rolling resistant and improve fuel economy. The radial structure gives it a longer life.
Durability – The tread compound is made of robust polyester and is extremely good to carry high loads for long distances.
Functions – Can be used for a Utility trailer for towing for a heavyweight. The excellent shock absorptions make it good for carrying items that need a little bit of extra care.

  • 10 Ply Rating
  • Radial Construction
  • Double steel belted for added strength
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Shock Absorption
  • Robust Polyester Construction
  • Speed Rating R
  • Load Index- 117
  • Customer rating- 4.3 stars out of 5 from 78 customers
  • Point To Note- Check the date stamp before you fit the tire to your vehicles.

3. Wheel Express Trailer Tires – Trailer Wheel with ST205/75R15 Mounted Radial Tire

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

Wheel express trailer tires come mounted on the wheel rim. It is hassle-free, ready to put on trailer tire. Buy this product if you don’t want to go through the headache of going to a mechanic for mounting the tire on the wheel. The only work you will have to do is fix it to your trailer and you are ready to go.

Design – Comes with a modular steel wheel. The tire is radial construction. Bolt pattern is 15x5 (outer) and 5x4.5 (inner). Takes up to 1820 lbs of weight. Has a 6 ply construction.

Durability – The radial construction gives this a longer life. The wheel is made of good quality steel. The steel wheel can be used for a long time. You wouldn’t have to buy a new wheel when the tire wears off.
Function- The load capacity of 1820 lbs makes it ideal for heavy towing trailers.


  • Mounted and ready to use
    15x5 5x4.5 bolt pattern
  • 6 ply
  • Weight rating 1820 lbs
  • Radial tire
  • Customer rating- 4.7 stars out of 5 stars from 151 customers
  • Point to note – Make sure the bolt pattern goes with your trailer.

4. Grand Ride 2 New ST205/75R14 Trailer Tires

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

The grand ride is your solution for a heavyweight carriage with smooth functioning tires. It comes in a pack of 2, For the price, it is a grab worthy deal. These are brand new tires and have never been mounted. Most tire company will send often send you mounted or used tires which aren’t ideal for usage. These tires come with top-notch quality, you wouldn’t have to worry about them being shipped to you after sitting in storage for months.

Design – These tires are 8 ply Radial tires. They have a rim width of 5 inch and sectional width of 7 inches. There is a nylon overlay on the tread. Designed especially for trailer use.
Durability – This one has a one-year exclusive manufacturer’s warranty. The nylon tread covering gives it a longer life. Radial configuration reduces heating and saves fuel consumption.
Functioning- These tires are made exclusively for trailers. They have a load capacity of 1610 lbs with a speed limit of 75 mph.


  • Comes in a pair
  • Radial construction
  • Goes with popular utility trucks, RVs and boat trailers Etc.
  • Brand new and never been mounted before
  • Ply rating 8
  • Load rating D
  • Speed rating 75 mph
  • Nylon covering on the whole tread to give it critical safety.
  • Customer rating- 4.4 stars out of 5 from 148 customers
  • Point to note- Check the product to make sure, you got the same product as described online

5. Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias-Ply Trailer Tire

Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias-ply trailer Tire

If you want affordable yet versatile trailer tire, this is the product for you. Trailer tires tend to wear quickly even when not in use. If you are planning to carry a spare tire or even buying multiple tires at once, Carlisle is your solution.

Design – Bias ply construction is ideal for rugged trail. The stiff sidewalls make the tire puncture resistant, and accounts for uniform wear and extend the life of the product. The intelli-design of tread and contour makes it rolling resistance, lowers the noise and heat build up.

Durability –The manufacturers recommend the tires to be replaced every 5 years for optimal performance. Recommended tread depth is 4/32 inch. Tires should be rotated for even wear.

Function – Carlisle Bias tires are made keeping safety in mind. They sway the least while driving, build up less heat and less likely to get blowouts while carrying heavy weight. Specially designed for construction, utility, agriculture, shorter-distance/infrequent boat or cargo hauling. Works with almost all popular brands of trailers.


  • Made with modern tread construction to give it uniform and less tread wear
  • Low road noise and low heat build-up
  • Low rolling resistance for better fuel mileage
  • Load capacity- 1820 lbs
  • Recommended PSI 50
  • Bias Ply
  • Customer rating- 4.2 out of 5 stars from 248 customers
  • Point to note- Check tire quality before mounting, replace if given damaged product.

6. Wheel Express Best trailer Tires White Spoke Wheel with ST205/75D15 Bias Tire

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

One of the main reasons for shopping online is to make the experience hassle-free yet affordable. Wheel Express tires do just that. It a readymade mounted the tire to be used right out of the packaging. The product will be delivered at your doorstep and all you have to do is fit it on your trailer.

Design – This is a 6 ply Bias tire. The bias construction makes the tire great to carry heavy load without any problem. The stiff sidewalls are good for speed with heavy weight. The tire comes mounted on 15x5 5x5.5 Lug pattern with white spoke wheel.

Durability – These tires are made to take a load of up to 1820 lbs each. With the speed rating of D., The Bias construction makes it ideal for uniform wear. Rotating tires will keep the tires running for a long time with limited wear.

Function – The tire is rated ST, made for special trailer and works well for towing heavy weighted item. Works with any standard trailers or RVs.


  • Comes mounted ready to use
  • 6 ply rated
  • Bias tire
  • 15x5 5x5.5 lug pattern wheel
  • Speed rating D
  • Weight limit 1820 lbs, good for heavy loading trailers
  • Comes with manufacturer warranty
  • Customer review – 4.2 stars out of 5 from 29 people
  • Point to note – Make sure the lug pattern fits with your trailer. Talk to your local mechanic if you need to.

7. Grand Ride set of 4 New Premium Winda trailer tires

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

Grand Ride is the most economical purchase in this list. It comes in a set of 4 premium quality tires. If you want to buy a whole set of tires for your trailer, this one is the best option. Buying four units of a single tire will cost you more, also the shipping charges will be more. Instead, buy this set of four brand new, never mounted before tires.

Design – These are 8 ply rated radial tire with superior grip on the road and performs amazing even under speed. A load rating of D, that is good to carry cargo, RVs, Utility hauling etc. The Radial construction of the tire is of premium quality making it one of the best products in this list.

Durability – The radial structure gives tire flexibility and longer life. The body is covered with nylon cap ply. Has a scuff guard ring on tire wall for the better tire side protection. These tires are exclusively made to be used on trailers.

Function – These tires can be mounted on just about any standard trailer wheels. They are good for heavy load carrying. Has an astounding weight limit of 2150 lbs at 65 PSI.


  • Comes in a set of 4
  • Nylon cap on the tire
  • 8 ply rated, Radial construction
  • Load rating D, 2150 lbs
  • Speed rating 107L
  • Scruff guard ring on the tire wall
  • Customer rating- 4.7 out of 5 stars from 80 customers
  • Point to note- These tires are specially made for trailers.

8. Trailer King ST Radial Tire-ST205/75R15 D 107L

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

This Trailer tire is one of the safest Tires on the list. It is great for people towing load for long distances and something reliable. The tires work great for stability on rugged roads and carry heavy shipping without any worry.

Design – Centre groove is designed for consistent tracking and stability. The Radial design works great for better heat dissipation and noise reduction giving this tire longer tread life and even wear. Has an 8 ply rating and works with 65 PSI pressure.

Durability – King St tire is covered with a Nylon overlay on all sides for superior strength and amazing durability for carrying the higher load. The product has a nationwide limited warranty.

Function – Take a load range of 2150 lbs, good enough as a tire for big trailers and cargo carriers.


  • Radial trailer tire of superior quality
  • Load rage 2150 lbs
  • Comes with tread wear indicator
  • Nylon overlay all over the tire
  • Enhanced shoulder design
  • 8 ply rated
  • Speed index L
  • Tubeless tire
  • Customer rating-4.3 stars out of 5 from 161 customers
  • Point to note- The image on the Amazon description page shows the spoke. The product is only the tire, is not mounted on the wheel.

9. Trible Six 2PCS Trailer Tires & Rims

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

Trible Six 2 piece set tire is a great investment for people wanting durable tires to drive through rough terrain. This product is specially made by business standards of trailer tires for heavy usage. It’s a good investment for people in the trailer business. The tires are affordable as the product is sold directly from the factory and there is no third party vendor.

Design – 4x 4 lug pattern. 4 ply construction. Rim colour is white and the tire comes mounted on the rim.

Durability – The tires are puncture resistant, made for smooth rolling and high performance. The tires are DOT approved and specifically designed for trailers.

Function – Fits standard trailers and load range is B. Good for towing services.


  • Comes in a set of 2 mounted tires with white spoke
  • 4 ply construction
  • Bolt pattern 4x4
  • Puncture resistant
  • Powerful smooth rolling design
  • Load index rating 590
  • Customer review- 4.6 stars out of 5 from 7 customers
  • Point to note- Tire type (radial or bias) not mentioned in the product description.

10. Kenda 175/80D13 Trailer Tire

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

Kenda tires are affordable ready to use trailer tires. The tires are pre-mounted and do not need additional setup, except for fitting it on your trailer. The bias tires are great for towing boats, and moderate load towing. They work well on rough or smooth roads. The stiff sidewalls of the tire makes it durable for a long time.

Design – These are bias tires of ply rating 6. With tread depth of 7.8/32. The tires are tubeless. The tires have a galvanised sturdy rim. The lug pattern is 5x4.5. Works great with boat, utility and cargo trailer.

Durability – The galvanised spoke can work for more than 10 years. It can take a maximum pressure of 80 PSI. Manufacturer warranty of 2 years gives you reassurance, this is one of the most reliable brands of the tire in the list.

Function – The tires can take up weight up to 1360 lbs. The tires work great with trailers and towing boats and bikes.


  • Pre-mounted Bias tire
  • Galvanised spoke
  • 2-year warranty
  • Load range of 1360 lbs
  • Maximum pressure 80 PSI
  • 5 lug of 4.5” configuration
  • Customer rating- 4.3 out of 5 stars from 115 customers
  • Point to note- Check with your mechanic to see if the tire fits your trailer

11. eCustomRim Trailer Tire on Rim ST205/75D15

Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

These tires are one of the highest rated Bias tire in this list within a good price. These are pre-mounted too, the tires come brand new, unused and in top-notch quality. In case anything goes wrong, it also has a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

Design – The lug rage is 4 lug of 4.5”, make sure to check it fits your trailer. The bias ply gives the tire rigidity which works great to carry a weight of up to 1820 lbs. It is capable of taking 50 PSI pressure.

Durability – The bias structure is strong enough to run for 3 to 4 years without much wear. Additionally, there is a manufacturer warranty of two years.

Function – This tire is good enough to carry heavy load up to 1820 lbs. It works with all popular trailers. It has a speed limit of M rating, meaning it will run smoothly with maximum capacity up to 81 mph.


  • Comes pre-mounted
  • 5 lug on 4.5”
  • Maximum weight limit of 1820 lbs
  • Speed limit 81 mph
  • PSI 50
  • White coloured spoke
  • Two years warranty
  • Customer rating- 4.7 out of 5 stars from 119 customers
  • Point to note- The tire wears off after heavy usage in some cases.